How to record a meeting in Microsoft Teams? – Explained

how to record a meeting in teams

Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration and communication tool that allows users to hold virtual meetings, video conferencing, and instant messaging. One of the features that Teams offers is the ability to record meetings, which can be helpful for later reference or for attendees who couldn’t make it to the live meeting.  

In this post, we’ll go over the steps for recording a meeting in Teams and some best practices to ensure a successful recording.

Step 1: Schedule the Meeting

The first step in recording a meeting in Teams is to schedule the meeting. To do this, click the “Meetings” tab in the Teams navigation bar and select “Schedule a Meeting.” Fill in the necessary details, such as the meeting title, date, and time, and invite the attendees.

Step 2: Start the Meeting

Once the meeting is scheduled, you’ll receive a calendar invite with a link to join the meeting. Click on the link at the designated time to start the meeting. Once in the meeting, you’ll see a “More options” button (represented by three dots) at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button to access the meeting controls.

Step 3: Record the Meeting

In the meeting controls, you’ll see a button labeled “Start recording.” Click on this button to start recording the meeting. The button will change to “Stop recording,” and a recording icon will appear on the screen to indicate that the meeting is being recorded.

Step 4: Stop the Recording

When the meeting is over, click the “Stop recording” button to end the recording. The recording will then be processed and available for download in the meeting chat.

Best Practices for Recording Meetings in Teams

  • Notify attendees that the meeting is being recorded. It is essential for privacy and legal reasons.
  • Ensure all necessary attendees are present and the meeting is running smoothly before starting the recording.
  • Keep the recording in a secure location. Only share the recording with people who need to see it.
  • Use good lighting and audio quality to ensure the recording is clear and easy to understand.


Can I record a meeting even if I’m not the organizer?

Yes, anyone participating in the meeting can start and stop the recording.

Where can I find the recorded meeting?

The recorded meeting will be available in the meeting chat for download.

Can I edit the recorded meeting?

The recording cannot be edited within Teams, but it can be edited using third-party video editing software.

Can I record only a portion of the meeting?

No, Teams records the entire meeting from beginning to end. If you only want to record a portion of the meeting, you’ll need to use third-party recording software.

Can I record a meeting on the Teams mobile app?

You can record a meeting using the Teams mobile app on iOS and Android. The process is similar to recording a meeting on the desktop version of Teams.

Can I share the recorded meeting with non-Teams users?

You can share the recorded meeting with non-Teams users by sending them a link to the recording. They will not need a Teams to account to view the recording.

Is there a limit on how long a meeting can be recorded?

No limit exists on how long a meeting can be recorded in Teams, but your organization’s storage limits may limit the recording file size.

Can I add captions to the recorded meeting?

Currently, Teams does not have a built-in captioning feature for recorded meetings. However, you can use third-party captioning software to add captions to the recording.

Can I record a meeting that is already in progress?

You can start recording a meeting already in progress by clicking the “More options” button and selecting “Start recording.”

Can I record a private chat in Teams?

No, Teams does not have a feature to record private chats. The recording feature is only available for meetings.

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