How to connect Roku TV to Xfinity Wi-Fi? – Explained

how to connect roku tv to xfinity wifi

In today’s digital age, streaming content has become integral to our entertainment experience. Roku TV offers a wide range of streaming options, allowing users to access their favorite movies, shows, and apps directly on their television. To enjoy seamless streaming on your Roku TV, connecting it to a stable and reliable internet connection is essential. Xfinity WiFi, provided by Comcast, is a popular choice for many users due to its widespread availability and fast speeds. In this guide, we will walk you through connecting your Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite content without any interruptions.

Understanding the Requirements:

Before connecting your Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi, ensure that you have the following requirements in place:

  • A Roku TV with an available HDMI port
  • An Xfinity WiFi router or modem
  • A stable and active Xfinity internet subscription
  • The Xfinity WiFi network name (SSID) and password

Connecting Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi:

Follow the steps below to connect your Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi:

Step 1: Power on Your Roku TV:

Ensure your Roku TV is connected to a power source and turned on.

Step 2: Access the Roku Home Screen:

Press the Home button to access the Roku home screen using your Roku TV remote.

Step 3: Select “Settings”:

Navigate to the left side of the screen and select the gear icon, which represents “Settings.”

Step 4: Choose “Network”:

In the settings menu, select the “Network” option.

Step 5: Select “Set Up Connection”:

Under the “Network” menu, choose the “Set Up Connection” option.

Step 6: Choose “Wireless”:

From the connection options, select “Wireless” to establish a wireless connection to your Xfinity WiFi network.

Step 7: Select Your Xfinity WiFi Network:

Your Roku TV will display a list of available networks. Scroll through the options and select your Xfinity WiFi network (SSID) from the list.

Step 8: Enter Your Xfinity WiFi Password:

Enter your Xfinity WiFi password using the on-screen keyboard. Ensure you enter the password correctly, taking note of uppercase and lowercase characters.

Step 9: Complete the Connection Setup:

Once you have entered the correct password, select “Connect” or “OK” to proceed. Your Roku TV will attempt to connect to your Xfinity WiFi network. If successful, you will see a confirmation message on the screen.

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

While connecting your Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi is generally straightforward, you may encounter occasional issues. Here are a few common troubleshooting steps to resolve connectivity problems:

  • Ensure that your Roku TV and Xfinity WiFi router are within range of each other.
  • Double-check that you are entering the correct Xfinity WiFi password.
  • Restart your Roku TV and Xfinity WiFi router.
  • Verify that your Xfinity internet subscription is active and working properly.
  • Update your Roku TV software to the latest version.
  • Reset your network settings on the Roku TV and try reconnecting.
  • Contact Xfinity customer support for further assistance if the issue persists.


Connecting your Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi is a straightforward process that allows you to enjoy a seamless streaming experience. Following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can easily establish a connection and access a wide range of entertainment options on your Roku TV. In case of any issues, refer to the troubleshooting tips or contact Xfinity customer support for further assistance. Get ready to stream your favorite content hassle-free on your Roku TV!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I connect my Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi if I don’t have a physical remote?

You can use the Roku mobile app as a remote control to connect your Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi. Download the app, connect it to the same network as your Roku TV, and follow the same steps mentioned in the guide.

I need help finding my Xfinity WiFi network in the available network list. What should I do?

Ensure that your Xfinity WiFi router is powered on and functioning properly. To refresh the network list, you can restart your Roku TV and Xfinity WiFi router. If the issue persists, contact Xfinity customer support for further assistance.

Can I connect multiple Roku devices to the same Xfinity WiFi network?

You can connect multiple Roku devices, including Roku TVs, to the same Xfinity WiFi network. Follow the steps mentioned in this guide for each Roku device you want to connect.

Can I use a wired connection instead of wireless to connect my Roku TV to Xfinity WiFi?

Yes, your Roku TV has an Ethernet port. You can connect it directly to your Xfinity WiFi router using an Ethernet cable for a more stable and reliable connection.

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