How to connect Brother HL-2270DW Printer to Wi-Fi? – Ultimate Guide

how to connect brother hl-2270dw printer to wifi

Wireless connectivity has become essential for seamless printing in today’s digital age. The Brother HL-2270DW printer offers the convenience of wireless connectivity, allowing you to print wirelessly from any device connected to your network. In this blog post, we will guide you to connect your Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wi-Fi, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of wireless printing.

Understanding the Brother HL-2270DW Printer:

The Brother HL-2270DW is a compact monochrome laser printer with high-quality printing for home and small office environments. It has built-in Wi-Fi, making it easy to connect and print wirelessly. With a maximum print speed of 27 pages per minute and automatic duplex printing, it is an efficient and cost-effective choice for your printing needs.

Preparing for Wireless Connection:

Before connecting your Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wi-Fi, ensure the following:

Check compatibility: 

Ensure that your router supports Wi-Fi connectivity.

Gather network information: 

Make a note of your network name (SSID) and password.

Position the printer: 

Place the printer within range of your Wi-Fi router for a stable connection.

Connecting the Printer to Wi-Fi:

Follow these steps to connect your Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wi-Fi:

  • Power on the printer and make sure it is in the ready state.
  • Press the “Menu” button on the printer’s control panel.
  • Using the navigation keys, select “Network” and press the “OK” button.
  • Select “WLAN” and press “OK.”
  • Choose “Setup Wizard” and press “OK.”
  • The printer will search for available networks. Select your network from the list and press “OK.”
  • If prompted, enter your network password using the printer’s control panel and press “OK” to confirm.
  • Wait for the printer to establish a connection with your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the Wi-Fi indicator light will stop blinking and remain solid.
  • Print a test page to verify the successful connection.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If you encounter any issues while connecting your Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wi-Fi, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi network is working properly.
  • Double-check the network name and password you entered.
  • Make sure the printer is within range of the router.
  • Restart your printer and router if necessary.
  • Consult the printer’s user manual or Brother’s support website for further assistance.


Connecting your Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wi-Fi opens up a world of convenience and flexibility, allowing you to print wirelessly from any device within your network. Following the step-by-step instructions in this blog post, you can easily set up the wireless connection and enjoy seamless printing. Remember to refer to the troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues. Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace the wireless printing revolution with your Brother HL-2270DW printer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I connect the Brother HL-2270DW printer to a wireless network without a computer?

The Brother HL-2270DW printer can be connected directly to a wireless network without a computer.

How can I find my network name (SSID) and password?

You can usually find this information on the back or bottom of your Wi-Fi router. Alternatively, you can access your router’s settings page through a computer connected to the network.

Can the printer be connected to multiple devices wirelessly?

Yes, once connected to your Wi-Fi network, the Brother HL-2270DW printer can be accessed by multiple devices within the network, allowing wireless printing from various devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

What if my printer is not detecting any available networks?

Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is turned on and broadcasting the network. If the issue persists, try restarting your router and printer. Additionally, check if other devices can detect the Wi-Fi network to determine if the problem lies with the printer or the network itself.

Can I connect the Brother HL-2270DW printer to a different Wi-Fi network?

Yes, if you need to connect the printer to a different Wi-Fi network, you can use the setup wizard to select and connect to the new network. Follow the steps outlined earlier in this post to establish a connection with the new network.

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